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After a successful New York Armory Week, I’m heading next to Art Basel Hong Kong from March 27 – April 1. Looking forward to connecting with gallerists like Seiway and Henrietta of Ora-Ora Gallery and visiting the city’s many galleries and museums.

This year, I will be checking out the scene in preparation of a TFAPOPUP presence in 2018. It has always been a goal to attend such an important show on behalf of the community of artists that I work with. TFAPOPUP HONG KONG 2019- will feature a group of less than 20 artists hand selected to exhibit their work in a popup Gallery to be held in affiliation with a partner Hong Kong Gallery during the 2019 Art Basel/Hong Kong Art week.

The universal love of art travels well and this year our 5th Anniversary theme is Empathy, Compassion, Respect.
I believe we all can learn to have a greater sense compassion and respect, and grow more empathetic through being exposed to different points of view and ways of living in the world.

It’s a privilege to be able to travel, but it’s also an obligation because I want to bring about peace and better communication through art.

When people that look like me, women, women of color, American women, travel and endeavor, we represent that evolution and disruption of old paradigms.

For the advancement of culture and to be a part of the discovery of new methods and means, I look forward to engaging with the city of Hong Kong and the creators at Art Basel 2018!

  • November 6, 2020
  • 1:28 pm
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