I am

Kiki Somerville


I’m Kiki Somerville, Founder and CEO of The Fearless Artist and TFAPOPUP Gallery. Since 2011, I’ve shown with over 150 International artists to tens of thousands of people in my Art Basel/Miami Art Week Pop Up Gallery, the #1 Pop Up Gallery in Wynwood for 5th year.

A native Washingtonian, I came to New York after graduating from William & Mary. My love of the arts and media led to a job at MTV Networks doing production assistant work on productions like MTV Spring Break, Music Awards, Movie Awards, and Rock The Vote. Although I loved working with the creatives, I felt I needed to develop more skills.  I graduated from Fordham Law School, thinking that I could marry my love of art and business as an Entertainment lawyer. My creative side won out and my passion for creating led me to author and self publish my first book. After successfully launching that project, I began helping other artists with their promotion. In 2009, a very well known artist friend of mine from Miami, asked if I could help organize an art exhibition for him in New York. That was when I realized most artists needed help with marketing, business, legal and technical support. I started Fearless Artist Media in 2011. After working with an array of prestigious artists as well as emerging talent, we created the ultimate platform to showcase the diverse global talent that were largely in represented by galleries or management. The Fearless Artist Pop Up Gallery started in 2014, held during the largest art fair in America, Art Basel/Miami Art Week. It began with 23 artists and has grown to feature over 64 artists and galleries exhibiting and selling their own artwork during the first week of December each year.

Now my love of art has taken me all over the world and produced not only an amazing body of work but a wide and deep global network within the art industry made up of artists, art industry professionals, collectors, companies, and art lovers.


  • Support artists with their businesses so that they can focus on creating.
  • Help individuals and corporations develop and manage their art collections.
  • Produce and curate pop up installations.
  • Provide companies with access to artistic talent and art-niche programs and content.
  • Help galleries operate more successfully (efficiently/effectively) by providing operational oversight and developing best practices.
  • Help others learn more about how to be successful in the art industry through speaking, writing, coaching and mentoring aspiring Artists, Curators and Collectors.


Pictures are worth a thousand words. These are images that feature wonderful moments of curating and producing art exhibitions with great artists and warm art lovers from around the world.

These are a few of the artists that I’ve worked with and exhibited:

Cannon Hersey
Lisa Waltuch
Uncutt Art
Rodney Allen Trice
Peter Robinson Smith
Nancy Hirsch Lessen
Luisa Lopez Celada
Michelle Lopez
K. Patricia Thrane
Chris Dykstra
Andra Douglas
World Trade Gallery
Kila Lamadora
Gregory Clark
Anisa Romero
Angela Yang
Shirley Whirley
Rudolph Jean Louis
Carlos W. Desrosiers
Mischa T
Don J
Ivan Orama
Rudy Lawal
Julie Lehite
Dakoro Edwards
BD White
Lobos Reincarnated
Eddy Bogaert
Jose De Olio
Tiffany B Chanel
Jimmy Aponte
Schlomit Fahima
Philip Marks
Jennifer Crute
Luis Zimad Lamboy
Karen Bystedt
Shlomi J Hayun

Noah Neighbor

MasPas (Federico Frum)
Nathan Boskiski
King Saladeen
Knowledge Bennett
Sam Parker
John Paul Ogrodnick
Shanequa Gay
Sarle Jefferies
Chris Saunders
Ben Boskoski
Randy B
Jill Stasium
Matthew Burrows
James Sexer Rodriguez
Lenny Achan
James Dupree
Jason Fleurant
Alloyius Mcilwaine
Fraser Crowley
Leif Mcilwaine
Mdot (Mischa T)
Benjamin Ross
Kwesi Abbensetts
Claudia Corletto
David Sena
Nebby G
Monte Miller
Dorian Jay Durrah
Joy Synder
Kathryn Gilbert
Kenton Avery
Ivette Urena
Kaddem Phillip
Lisa Harris
Sabrina Rupprecht
Renda Writer
Tia Tyrell
Naira Hart
Lola Santos