You may already have a valuable art collection and not even know it.

An art collection can be developed in numerous ways;
a family could receive art through an inheritance,
a large/mid sized firm could eventually have many offices full of great art,
an individual art lover could find themselves habitually being drawn to capturing certain themes or ideas over time,
a regular person could even possess the desire to invest in an individual artist after falling in love with their process, technique, or personal journey.

From a more practical standpoint, art can be a valuable asset class, and the art market has seen consistent growth over the last 5 years.

Online galleries are becoming more popular sources for procuring art, up and coming artists are showing and selling their work directly via social media, disrupting the economy of the art world like never before.

It takes valuable time to discover, connect, transact, transport, organize, and memorialize purchases of art into a collection.

How can a collector navigate through those environments in a successful and organized fashion?

How can you build a collection you love and be able to have access to its value?

I can help research art and artists, work with estate and financial planners, and appraisers and professional archivists to organize and build a system for you to access and appreciate your art.

Let me help save you time and build value and pleasure from your art collection.

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Art by Nancy Hirsch Lassen/Photo credit: Alaric Campbell.